Mungadze Brain Map (Trial version)


If you have an Android device:

The app is designed for Android phones and tablets, and for the best experience, the app should be downloaded and installed on an Android device. To install the app, click here. If the file "BrainMapTrial2.apk" does not automatically download, hold down on the link (or right-click if using a mouse) and choose the option to save it to your device. Enable the installation of third-party apps in your device settings and click on "BrainMapTrial2.apk." Follow the on-screen prompts to install the app. Once the app is installed, you can access it by opening your list of apps and clicking on its icon (a colored brain map). 

If you have a non-Android device (Windows or Apple (iOS), etc.):

For non-android users, the app can be run in the browser on this page. Click on "tap to play," then (or) "acknowledge" after the disclaimer on the simulated screen (should appear to the right or below this instruction panel). After coloring the brain, scroll down by touching a BLANK part of the phone screen and swiping, or by using the arrow keys on a keyboard. Click the "Obtain Profile" button and scroll down. 

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